Our Company
The pristine waters of the Florida Gulf Coast, off of Anna Maria Island and the connecting village of Cortez, are home to the last of this country’s traditional wild fisheries as well as the future of domestic sustainable aquaculture. Seth Cripe, a Florida native, founded Anna Maria Fish Company with the mission of working to support his friends and family’s way of life as fishermen, and preserve it for the livelihood and enjoyment of future generations, while upholding their cultural integrity and simultaneously increasing economic development in the Florida gulf region. Anna Maria Fish Company is committed to supporting fishing that ensures the ecological health of our oceans and their marine life.

We aim to share products with others that are appreciated independently but perhaps most enjoyable when convivially shared in the company of others. Anna Maria Fish Company brings the soul of the gulf region-the people, the land, the vibrant waters and the cultural spirit to the experience of the consumer wherever they may be located. We want to capture the nuances of land, sea, climate and community in the aromas, texture, tastes and appearance of our products. Our responsibility is to use the least invasive techniques in order to stay as true to the product’s natural character as possible. Anna Maria Fish Company captures and shares a sense of place and feeds the body and the soul in doing so. We bring this passion and commitment to everything we do, from smoking roe over local buttonwood to teaching fisherman about the way our fish should best be handled, and thereby distinguishing Cortez and the subsequent roe. Our fishermen are paid a fair wage for their hard work in securing for us the best product, thereby encouraging higher standards and pride in their livelihood and community. We respect and want to uphold their way of life. Like LOLA wines, also founded by Seth Cripe, our products are terroir-driven and focused on purely expressing a natural item with minimal manipulation-only what is necessary to get it to its final state. Our ultimate goal is to understand how people interact with their environment in general and consider how this interaction may become more sustainable. In working with Mote as well, it is about the impact of the origin and highlighting the individuals and the factors that influence them. Our products are foods with roots in a local community; with the birthplace of extended communities being a product of the food we create. The Florida Gulf’s heritage and tradition creates for a special place, with a true sense of identity that is extended through dynamic interaction between communities, as well as between the individual consumers and us.